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Stryker vehicles have robust armor protection, can sustain speeds of 60 miles-perhour, have parts commonality and selfrecovery abilities and also have a central tire inflation system. Additionally, and just as important, the Stryker family of vehicles stresses performance and commonality that reduces the logistics footprint and minimize sustainment costs.

Stryker Armoured Vehicle

The Stryker can reach speeds in excess of 60 mph with a range exceeding miles on 53 gallons of fuel. The Stryker is designed to enable the SBCT to maneuver more easily in close and urban terrain, while providing protection in open terrain. Performance highlights include C transportability; internetted C4ISR capability; integral all around armor protection from These performance highlights provide a force that will move rapidly as a cohesive combined arms combat team, a capability not currently in the Army inventory.

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Equipment Military Vehicles. M Stryker Combat Vehicle. Army officials determined that this was due to changes in the composition and size of the panels introduced by their manufacturer, IBD Deisenroth. A stopgap solution of adding an additional 3mm of steel armor was introduced until a permanent solution could be found. These include slat armor [26 ] and Stryker reactive armor tiles SRAT for protection against rocket propelled grenades and other projectiles, the hull protection kit HPK , armored skirts for additional protection against improvised explosive devices, and a ballistic shield to protect the commander's hatch.

The Stryker also incorporates an automatic fire-extinguishing system with sensors in the engine and troop compartments that activate one or more halon fire bottles, which can also be activated by the driver, externally mounted fuel tanks, and a CBRN Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Warfare system which will keep the crew compartment airtight and positively pressurized. Reports from military personnel and analysts state that the Stryker is superior to other light military vehicles regarding survivability against IEDs improvised explosive devices.

With the exception of some specialized variants, the primary armament of the Stryker is a Protector M Remote Weapon Station with. The choice of armament was driven by many factors. The US Army wanted a vehicle that could rapidly transport and protect infantry to and around battlefields. Heavier armed infantry transport was introduced with the Soviet BMP series in the late s. Vehicles armed in this manner are intended to be used in an assault against an enemy position. However, this also adds weight to the vehicle due to the additional armor, and reduces the number of infantry that could be transported when used with a conventional manned turret as a turret basket is necessary.

General Dynamics Stryker 8x8 Wheeled Multirole Armored Fighting Vehicle

Operational mobility requirements dictated that the vehicle be transportable by C aircraft. This is affected by many variables such as the particular C variant and conditions at the departure airport. Even though this test was a success, none of the Stryker variants have been certified for airdrop. The system warns the driver if the vehicle exceeds the recommended speed for its tire pressure, then automatically inflates the tires to the next higher pressure setting.

The system can also warn the driver of a flat tire, although the Stryker is equipped with run-flat tire inserts that also serve as bead-locks , allowing the vehicle to move several miles before the tire completely deteriorates.

Different Stryker Variants within the Military

Some criticism of the Stryker continues a decades-long ongoing debate concerning whether tracked or wheeled vehicles are more effective. Wheeled vehicles are easier to maintain, and have higher road speeds. The US Army chose the Stryker over tracked vehicles due to these advantages. An additional issue is that rollover is a greater risk with the Stryker relative to other transport vehicles, due to their higher center of gravity.

The high ground clearance , however, is likely to reduce the damage caused by land mines and improvised explosive devices on the vehicle.

While not amphibious, the Stryker's watertight combat hatch seals allow it to ford water up to the tops of its wheels. Brigades that have been converted to Strykers have primarily been light, or, in the case of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, unarmored HMMWV -based cavalry scouts. For these units, the addition of Strykers has increased combat power by providing armor protection, a vehicle-borne weapon system to support each dismounted squad, and the speed and range to conduct missions far from the operating base.

Stryker units seem to be especially effective in urban areas, where vehicles can establish initial security positions near a building and dismount squads on a doorstep. However, Howell said, the training exercise was necessary, because it is an important part of validating the unit's readiness.

Different Stryker Variants within the Military

A large piece of that capability, Howell said, is having a place to conduct preflight inspections and load the aircraft, and that's where the SMP and HCP come into play. Howell said the first training exercise was an overwhelming success, due in large part to the working relationships between the services. Acknowledging the Cs critical support role, Howell said it was great having the Air Force integrate into their training exercise.

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